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To simplify environmental setup, this project uses the following:

Nix does not require the full NixOS (the operating system component), just a single- or multi-user setup. direnv is used to automatically configure the environment when entering the directory including setting up the needed PATH and other environment variables for the build.

Working Without Nix

If not using Nix to set up the environment, look at buildInputs in ./shell.nix which includes the tools require for building (such as a specific version of Yarn, .NET Core, and the like).

shell.nix along with the data inside the nix/ folder is considered the source of truth of dependencies and requirements for this project.

Node and Yarn

Node is used as both the package metadata format (package version) and also build processes. We use Husky to automatically set up Git hooks, commitlint to ensure consistent check-ins that work with semantic-release which automates the build process.

Setting up the environment consists of:

npm install


The preferred method for building is:

npm run build

This ensures everything is properly run. A short-cut can be to call the dotnet build directly.

dotnet build


Again, the preferred method of testing is:

npm test