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title: Description
**Life-threatening injuries can lead to possibilities...**
Karin was a Rat Hunter, one of the oldest members of a group of monster hunters who traveled the world to get rid of attacking beasts, monstrosities twisted by magic, and monsters created by insane mages. It was a dangerous task and frequently she found herself at the wrong end of a claw or stinger. But, when her bloods is pouring out on the ground, there was always an alchemical pack to save her life.
The only drawback was the month of recovery. Knowing that she was for a period of pain and discomfort, Karin decides to head back to an inn where she saw a pretty young woman that she hoped was a peach, a lover of women.
If she wasn't, then Karin would just drink the month way. However, if she was... then maybe she'd have a chance for something more enjoyable to distract herself.